Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X33.3 发布, 新版本支持导入行的包文件列表跳转,代码完成支持 GOPATH / vendor 包列表提示。重构了调试行为,Go 代码 Debug/DebugTest 移入编译菜单中,编译调试版本时可根据当前 Go 版本自动选择适应的 gcflags 编译设置,以更好的支持 Go1.10。

2018.04.23 Ver X33.3

  • LiteIDE
    • support import jump to package source file
    • support import hints for all package on code completer
    • add build & debug action to build menu
    • fix build debug gcflags for go version
  • LiteApp
    • fix tab style sheet for Qt5.9 on macOS
    • project wizard add gocmdex/gopkgex for anywhere
  • LiteBuild
    • build config file add debug support
    • golang build add debug/debugtest action
    • fix golang build debug gcflags depends for go version
  • LiteDebug
    • filesystem add debug file action
    • remove internal golang build function
  • LiteEditor
    • reimplemented backspace quotes audo insert/remove action
  • GolangCode
    • parser import package for GOPATH
    • fix vendor import for code completer
    • add import hints for all package option (default)
    • add parser cgo completer list on editor
  • GolangEdit
    • fix import line navigate show link source
    • add import line jump to package file list
  • QuickOpen
    • add quickopenfolder implement
  • gotools
    • add new debugflag action for print debug gcflags for go version
    • types find import dir check vendor
    • types add import info and doc
    • fix astview pkg nil check