Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X33.4 发布, 新版本代码完成使用 mdempsky/gocode 以支持 go1.11beta1 。 增强了 DlvDebugger 插件功能 ( variable, watch, threads, goroutines, registers),以支持 Delve 调试时的更多信息显示。

2018.07.04 Ver X33.4

  • LiteIDE
    • update gocode for mdempsky/gocode support go1.11
    • update DlvDebugger plugin for Delve detail information
  • LiteDebug
    • add threads/goroutines/registers view
    • watch view support double clicked change and update
  • DlvDebugger
    • add dlv rcp-mode for get more info
    • variable and watch support detail information
    • watch support local/package variable
    • support threads/gorountines/registers model
  • GolangCode
  • QuickOpen
    • add dly filter editor for optimize many files search
    • fix quick open symbol action