Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X35.3 发布,新版本对 gotools/gocode 进行更新和修复,改进编辑器体验、优化文件查找功能。

2018.12.22 Ver X35.3

  • LiteIDE
    • optimization gotools & gocode, update editor and find plugin.
  • LiteApp
    • fix liteoutput antialias setup invalid
  • LiteEditor
    • enable vertical scrollbar move last block to top viewport
    • add the cut current line operator for cut action if not selected
    • add convert tab/spaces action
    • add tabtospace/tabwidth set by litapp/mimetype/liteeditor.xml or options
    • update line wrap mode for mimetype
    • update tabtospace mode for mimetype
  • LiteFind
    • file search check and skip binary file
    • add folders/filesystem context menu file search action
  • GolangEdit, GolangCode, LiteBuild
    • fix process start with cmd contains space on macOS
  • GolangDoc

    • support check go1.12 godoc remove -html, use text mode
  • gotools & gocode

    • fix lookup named method embedded
    • optimization, check save/load pkgconfig
    • add godoc command for check go1.12 use text mode
  • gocode

    • fixed global var completion