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ATK - Another Golang Tcl/Tk binding GUI ToolKit 2019-03-15


Another Golang Tcl/Tk binding GUI ToolKit

go get

Install Tcl/Tk

LiteIDE X36 Released 2019-03-15

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X36 发布,新增了编辑器路径导航工具栏,重构了 QuickOpen 插件,优化了快速打开文件和目录功能。

2019.03.15 Ver X36

  • LiteIDE
    • add new editor path navigation toolbar
  • QuickOpen
    • quickopenfile filter text length less than 3 use editor files, otherwise search in folder files.
    • add new quickfilesystem filter
  • GolangEdit
    • use new quickfilesystem for import jump
  • LiteEditor
    • add new path navigation toolbar (use quickfilesystem)
  • GolangCode
    • fix number+dot issues completer
  • FileUtil
    • show in Finder fast on macOS

LiteIDE X35.5 Released 2019-02-05

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X35.5 发布,BUG 修复版本, 修复了 Golang 代码查找重构时对同一行存在多项内容的替换功能, 修复了对中文变量的查找重构功能。

2019.02.05 Ver X35.5

  • LiteIDE
    • bug fix version
  • GolangEdit
    • fix cursor selections usages lookup
    • add byteOffsetToColumn to fix gotools/guru output byte offset to editor offset
  • LiteEditor
    • add allow vertical scrolling to the last line option
    • check file writed size != data.size and show error message
  • LiteFind
    • update search result item text for all same linenumber

LiteIDE X35.4 Released 2019-01-30

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X35.4 发布,新版本增强了代码导航和代码完成功能,在源代码存在错误情况下也可利用文本信息实现部分导航功能。增强了 Golang 导入行的代码完成功能,支持模糊完成,对于 Go Module 项目,显示 go.mod 依赖包以及项目本地包的 import path,对于 GOPATH 项目,使用源码分析显示所有包的 import path。

2019.01.30 Ver X35.4

  • LiteIDE
    • source code navigation can be used in wrong source code
    • imports completer support gomod depends and local imports for gomod project
    • imports completer support lookup all imports by source for GOPATH project
  • LiteApp
    • fix vs-dark.qss menu icon bug for windows10
  • LiteEditor
    • fuzzy golang imports completer
    • fix complter imports offset
    • fix enter auto insert tab or space check by previous line
  • GolangCode
    • fix receive imports line process
  • GolangEdit
    • support lookup types info wrong source code
    • add jump to declaration toolbar
    • fix jump to declaration save history

LiteIDE X35.3 Released 2018-12-22

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X35.3 发布,新版本对 gotools/gocode 进行更新和修复,改进编辑器体验、优化文件查找功能。

2018.12.22 Ver X35.3

  • LiteIDE
    • optimization gotools & gocode, update editor and find plugin.
  • LiteApp
    • fix liteoutput antialias setup invalid
  • LiteEditor
    • enable vertical scrollbar move last block to top viewport
    • add the cut current line operator for cut action if not selected
    • add convert tab/spaces action
    • add tabtospace/tabwidth set by litapp/mimetype/liteeditor.xml or options
    • update line wrap mode for mimetype
    • update tabtospace mode for mimetype
  • LiteFind
    • file search check and skip binary file
    • add folders/filesystem context menu file search action
  • GolangEdit, GolangCode, LiteBuild
    • fix process start with cmd contains space on macOS
  • GolangDoc
    • support check go1.12 godoc remove -html, use text mode