LiteIDE is a simple, open source, cross-platform Go IDE.


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LiteIDE X37.4 Released 2021-03-02

LiteIDE X37.4 发布,此版本为功能修复版本。在 macOS 上删除到回收站功能改用本地 API实现;修复了查找/替换/重构时的编辑器刷新显示问题;重新规划了复制粘贴、复制路径、集成终端等功能的右键菜单显示。

2021.03.02 Ver X37.4

  • LiteIDE
    • move to trash use api on macos
    • fix find&replace repaint
    • update terminal action
    • add copy fullpath action
  • LiteApp
    • editor context menu add integrated terminal action
    • folder view update integrated terminal action
    • folder view add copy full path action
    • move to trash use api on macos
  • LiteFind
    • fix find&replace editor repaint
    • fix file search replace repaint
    • windows fileserach shortcuts add ctrl+atl+f
  • LiteEditor:
    • gomod.xml add retract
  • Terminal:
    • move to core plugin
  • DlvDebugger:
    • add pass flags options

LiteIDE X37.3 Released 2020-10-10

LiteIDE X37.3 正式发布,这个版本为 BUG 修复版本。更新 gotools 和 gocode 以更好支持 GOMOD,修复了 delve 退出错误,新增了 win64 mingw 编译版本下载。

2020.10.10 Ver X37.3

  • LiteIDE
    • fix dlv debug exit crash on window
    • support mingw-64 build for window
  • LiteApp
    • update icon for hight-dpi
  • LiteBuild:
    • gosrc.xml add tool cover html command
    • gosrc.xml add make command
  • LiteEditor:
    • add dark-gray.xml color scheme, thanks for qAison
    • fix showlink tooltip bug for Qt5.12
  • GolangEdit:
    • add find usages skip tests action
  • Terminal:
    • fix winpty load for Q_OS_WIN64
    • add closeall action
  • DlvDebugger
    • fix exit crash on window
    • fix handle response regexp
  • gotools & gocode
    • update fastmod for go1.14 GOMOD
  • gotools
    • types add skip tests flag

LiteIDE X37.1 Released 2020-04-24

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X37.1 发布,在这个版本中提供集成终端插件,初步实现内置终端功能。更新 gotools & gocode 以支持 Go 1.14。

2020.04.24 Ver X37.1

  • LiteIDE
    • add new integrated terminal plugin
    • change LiteApi, IToolWindowManager and IFileManager api
  • Terminal:
    • new terminal plugin
    • export open in integrated terminal action
    • support open multiple shells (/etc/shells) on unix
    • support open cmd/powershell/git bash on window
    • support dark mode
    • support login mode --login (unix)
    • load enviroment from LiteIDE action (unix)
    • tab style multiple terminal
    • auto save / restore terminal info
    • ctrl+c key interrupt support
    • mouse to select, enter key copy to clipboard (ctrl+c/command+c)
    • ctrl+v / command+v to paste from clipboard
  • LiteApp
    • folder add open integrated terminal action
    • update hide tool window action icon.
    • folder view enable create folder in files
    • fix SideWindowStyle::moveToolWindow crash
    • fix #1106, options widget add ScrollArea, enable resize, init check screen size
  • LiteEditor
    • change copy/paste/cut/selectall/undo/redo unregister shortcut for macos
  • FileBorwser:
    • add open integrated terminal action
    • enable create folder in files
    • simple, remove litefind/terminal depends
  • LiteFind
    • SearchResultWidget add expandAll and collapseAll button
  • GolangEdit
    • fix fold by GO_ELSE
  • gotools & gocode
    • fix & update for Go 1.14

LiteIDE X36.3 Released 2020-01-15

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X36.3 发布,新版本修复错误,重构了配置系统,更新 gotools & gocode 以更好地支持 Go Module 功能。。

2020.01.15 Ver X36.3

  • LiteIDE
    • fix and update gotools&gocode for support Go Module.
    • refactor option, update all plugin option page
  • LiteApp
    • refactor option page, load/save and keep option page.
  • LiteEditor
    • fix code complete escape for Qt5.12
  • Markdown
    • add CommonMark/cmark for markdown to html, replace sundown
  • GolangPackage
    • add for GOPROXY list
    • merge GOPATH/GoModule setup to global options.
  • LiteBuild
    • add go mod vendor action
  • DlvDebugger
    • update stack frame to RPC api
  • gotools & gocode
    • fix fastmod match full version, example
    • types check add basic type

LiteIDE X36.2 Released 2019-10-30

Go 语言开发工具 LiteIDE X36.2 发布,新版本修复错误,目录管理支持多项复制和粘贴功能,文件删除更改为删除到回收站,新增了图像查看插件。

2019.10.30 Ver X36.2

  • LiteIDE
    • add new image viewer plugin
    • folder view support multi copy & paste
    • folder view support move to trash
    • fix gocode crash
    • update uk (Ukrainian) translation, thanks for cl0ne
  • LiteApp
    • fix floating dock widet style
    • add dock widget floating toolbar
    • folder view support multi copy and paste
    • folder view support move to trash action
  • ImageEditor
    • add new image viewer plugin
    • support image viewer and gif video play
  • GolangEdit
    • support go1.13 number literal syntax highlight
  • gotools & gocode
    • fix bad parser crash